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Chair Person : Greg Franklin

Vice Chair Person : James Murray

Secretary / Treasurer :  Stuart Paxton

Mail to : 46 Masters Street, RIVERTON SA  5412     


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2016 - July Cleanup Trek   (Saturday 9th July - Friday 15th July) 

Well 2016 was a trip to celebrate 10 years of cleaning up out iconic Outback Tracks. A lot of hard work went into the planning for various celebratory activities in various communities in the North East Pastoral District of South Australia.  41 members in 15 vehicles committed to the trek.

Who would have thought that this memorable occasion would go down for other reasons as a very memorable trek.  All our plans were in place to depart Leigh Creek on Saturday 9th of July 2016. However, FATE set about delivering a different course of events for us.

As members began arriving in Leigh Creek for the meal at the Leigh Creek Tavern on the Friday night 8th of July to be followed by the Trek Safety Briefings, it soon became apparent that this year would be vastly different from any other year.  Previous working bee’s on the Camp Kitchen and Truck with the fitment of a complete new solid bumper bar and tow hitch in place. The retaining bolts sheered through as they were entering Hawker, with only Greg’s masterful driving averting a catastrophe. Greg was able to keep the Camp Kitchen upright and stop it when the entire hitch set up broke away.  They were then stranded in Hawker, with no air for the braking system for the camp kitchen, other members enroute stopped to assist and local businesses of Hawker came to the rescue.

Repairs were made and they were able to continue their trip to Leigh Creek, arriving in the early hours of the morning. It was decided to postpone departure on the Saturday as further supports were needed to be welded into place to strengthen the hitch.

DAY 1:-  Saturday 9th July saw a roadside briefing take place, new members Wendy Ault, Rebecca Henderson, Sharni Gilmour, JoAnna Skewes and Richard Lyman were introduced to the crew.
No group photos at this time, we finally hit the road, cleaning up the road sides from Leigh Creek towards Innamincka. As some members made a search for a suitable camp site on the Strzelecki Track, well short of Montecollina Bore, word filtered through that the Truck and Camp Kitchen had broken down with Clutch issues at a creek crossing.
Frank Lyman and some of our trusty mechanics made their way back along the Strzelecki Track and with the DEWNR 4x4 Truck, towed our truck and camp kitchen to camp. We settled in for the night and the camp was established with a worthy feast prepared for all.  The theme of BOGAN AUSSIE for the night saw some very very weird dress ups. Winner of the BEST BOGAN get up was Janet Franklin with Carmel Paxton Runner up, all the kids outfits were classed as winners.  Worse effort of the night was new member James Murray. Later in the evening many discussions followed in relation to the truck and it was confirmed that the Clutch was completely irreparable.

DAY 2:- Sunday 10th July we set off leaving the Truck, camp kitchen and its crew at our new BASE CAMP, we then picked up rubbish until BOB’s Bore on the Strzelecki Track. Frank and the DEWNR truck took a full load of rubbish and tyres with a couple of other crews with full trailers to Moomba to off load at the Recycling Depot. They would return to BASE CAMP once complete. HOWEVER , Nature intervened with some rain, Frank and his son Richard, ended up camping with some BIG RIG trucks that had to stop due to the rain closing the road.

DAY 3:- Monday 11th July, Kath and George Thompson had to leave us owing to some health issues that required attention at Leigh Creek and they subsequently returned home to Victoria. Once Breakfast was completed and all crews returned to camp, we then broke camp to set off back to Leigh Creek, off loading at the Leigh Creek Recycling depot. Frank towed our truck and camp kitchen to the Stadium at Leigh Creek, so we could set up for meals there. It was then arranged to sort out food and kitchen requirements into a trailer to be towed by the new CAMP KITCHEN vehicle thanks to James Murray volunteering his vehicle for those duties. Meanwhile all our crews left on a long day trip cleaning up the track from Copley through Iga Warta, Nepabunna, Gammon Ranges to Arkaroola and return. Whilst this was done Frank had towed our truck and camp kitchen back to home base at Quorn. A great effort, he then returned and set his truck and trailer up for the next phase of our journey .

DAY 4:- Tuesday 12th July, all crews departed from Leigh Creek, cleaning up The Outback Highway to Marree and then on to the camping grounds at Clayton Station on the Birdsville Track. Several planned activities took place at this great camping spot.

DAY 5:-Wednesday 13th July saw crews continue on to Mungerannie Hotel, from there a few members attended with Frank to the Wharburton Track to erect a large Tourist information sign for DEWNR, we collected tyres on the way and returned to Mungerannie for a bonfire and tea.

DAY 6:- Thursday 14th July saw members preparing for the 10 year celebrations at Mungerannie Hotel and thanks to Julie rescuing the night everyone eventually got a meal at the Black and White Ball. After the ball everyone settled down around the camp fire for stories both fact and fiction.

DAY 7:- Friday 15th July, members returned to Leigh Creek, unloading at the recycling centre and then preparations for the wind up meal at the Leigh Creek Tavern were made.

Although fate changed the entire Trek, we still achieved a good cleanup of rubbish. The various themes and activities were still judged with a fair bit of fun, and some grumpy results achieved.

The Annual “Pop Franklin” Memorial Award this year went to Pilko for his work on repairs etc, this was presented by Greg, Janet and Janene.

THE Winner of the BUGGA award went to ----- Keith and Jude HOFFMANN, Just
Runner up was the PAXTONS much to my DISGUST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!---BUGGA BITCH needs a lift next year!!

Best Team Member was presented to Frank and Richard LYMAN for all their hard work rescuing our truck and camp kitchen and then taking on the roll of delivering all the rubbish to the recycling depots.
Special thanks, awarded to Julie Franklin for rescuing the Mungerannie Hotel meal, working in their kitchen to ensure everyone was fed as well as arranging the awesome raffle prize a large XXXX esky. The esky was won by Heather MACCY……..  Also our heartfelt thanks to Josie Hughes for making the fantastic Cake to celebrate our 10 years and for Phil taking such care in transporting it.

THE STATS:-Owing to the back and forth nature of this trek due to the issues each vehicle averaged 1,632 kms with a recorded total distance of 24,480 kms covered by all vehicles. A total of 3,499 volunteer hours were completed by members on the cleanup inclusive of many long hours of repairs and recovery. We still collected a total of 47 tonnes of rubbish, including 276 whole tyres-majority of them Truck Tyres and 3,863 refundable bottles and cans, earning a refundable income of $386.30

Volunteer Hours which is rated by SA GOVERNMENT at $25/hour as an in-kind contribution by our members to the Community with this Trek valued at $87,487.50

We thank all our sponsors, volunteers and supporters and so does the environment of Outback South Australia, as the roads and tracks do look a lot better without the rubbish and junk strewn along them as well as the many bore areas, camping and truck rest areas of The Outback Highway, Strzelecki and Birdsville Tracks and the Arkaroola road.

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